Used the app once before without a hitch but this time the one big issue I encountered was ordering online for a specific pick up time. Upon arrival my order hadn't even been looked at by the staff. Very disappointing especially because I was picking up lunch for an appointment that I had to be at by a certain time. I was 5 minutes late for my appointment but it was not enjoyable to be driving that fast.
Fantastic food and service. My favorite place to go!
The food was delicious and the service was quick and friendly. Will definitely come here again.
It doesn't get any better than this place. Order two dinner dishes w/ a side and you've not only got a filling dinner for two but leftovers for one for lunch! Enjoy. Delicious. Always lovely people. Plus, no animals are ever harmed in the making of this magnificent food. We LOVE veggie garden!
Super delicious as always! only thing i wished was that the spicy peppers be sliced up small so that the heat was evenly distributed. But that was not a big deal at all. Honestly its like that at every Chinese food place ive been to. Will be coming may times again
Any questions please call us.